Get Ready for the Sequel

Fasten Your Seatbelt – It’s Going To Be a Bumpy Ride!

Yves’s sequel takes you on her  four year odyssey in search of justice. Follow her to the Sultanate of Oman – where the ties that bound her bigamous ex-husband’s mysterious finances and his relationships unravel, exposing a multitude of secrets including the women that shared her husband throughout her marriage.

Yve further reveals the extent of Maurice’s psychological control over her – which transformed her love for him into a weapon that he had used against her, and how he had gaslit and lied to friends and family in order to bolster his dishonest narrative.

Back on British soil, Yve’s new all-female team of Legal Eagles uses the information she uncovered at home and abroad to help redress the injustices of the original legal decisions, which the court naively based on Maurice’s fraudulent information. Thanks to Yve and her incredible team legal precedents have been set which will protect women who find themselves the victims of financial wrongdoings during divorce proceedings.

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